Lesson Plans for March 6-10, 2016


Topics:  Review of chapter material (Cash control and banking activities)

Activities:  Ch. 11 worksheets due.  Exchange and grade.  Discuss any questions or concerns over chapter material.


Topics:  Review of chapter material (Cash control and banking activities)

Activities:  Students will participate in a test review game over material for next test.  Winning team will receive 5 bonus points towards next test grade.


Topics:  Test knowledge of Cash control and banking activities

Activities:  Ch. 11 worksheets due; Test- Cash control and banking activities.


Topics:  Test results

Activities:  Students will receive back graded Ch. 11 Tests; discuss; students will then make corrections as needed


Topics:  Averages/ Missing work

Activities:  Students will receive the progress report for the 3rd nine weeks.  Time will be given for makeup work.  If students gets progress report signed and brings back by Tuesday, March 21, they will receive a 100 in the gradebook.

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