Lesson Plans for April 24-28, 2017


Topics:  Payroll Records

Activities:  Students to take notes, participate in practice problems, then complete the Ch. 12 Section 3 Check your understanding on p. 304 in book and corresponding page(s) in workbook.  Answer the 2 Thinking Critically questions, skip analyzing accounting, do problem 12-4.  If don’t finish in class, for homework.  Due by the first of class Tuesday.


Topics:  Reinforcement of Payroll Accounting

Activities:  Students to begin assigned problems for Ch. 12 using notes, book, and workbook.  Due at the first of class Friday, April 28th.


Topics:  Review of Payroll Accounting

Activities: Ch. 12 worksheets due.  Exchange and grade.  Discuss and go through any problems as needed.

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